JustME Bespoke Grooming LoungeIn a nutshell...

JustME is an upmarket men’s salon in the heart of London.

JustME men’s Grooming is a Salon where ‘a man’ can walk in with confidence,
knowing he will leave With a haircut that has been meticulously crafted *just for him* as a Tailor would *graft* his suit.

That is why we have been awarded best British barbers. Our goal is to create styles that *give our customer what they want* and meet our stylists’ high standards, while keeping current trends in mind.

We achieve this through consultation and keeping a careful note of clients’ wants and needs.
This way we can ensure consistency from visit to visit, all the while building clients’ trust, loyalty, and expectations.

”Your haircut is as important as your suit. So choose the best tailor for both.”

Meet The Team


Director - Barber